• Message from the President, RMET

    “….. Rabbi Zidni Ilma ”   -Quran
    Ya Allah, the Creator and the Sustainer of the universe and Lord of the Day of Judgement increase our knowledge...

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  • Message from the Hon. Secretary, RMET.

    Education is a key factor in the economy of India.  Development of Education is essential for the progress of the Country...

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Message from the Principal

Education is the main and major aspect & needed in every one’s life, As such the Technical Education plays a major role in Nation development, society development purely based on Women’s development. Hence to commensurate equally the Women’s education, Rifahul Muslimen Education Trust has moved a head for the Technical Education for Women...

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Islam made it obligatory on women and men alike to seek knowledge; “Seeking knowledge is a duty on every Muslim”

  • Latest News

    Admissions are open for  three years diploma - Computer Science and Engg., Electronics & Communication Engg.,  and Fashion Technology.