Mr. Taj Mohammed Khan
Hon. Secretary,
RMET, Mysore.

Education is a key factor in the economy of India.  Development of Education is essential for the progress of the Country.  Compared to other communities, education in Muslim community is very poor.  There was no Educational Organization in Mysore particularly for the upliftment of Muslim Community and other economically weaker sections in general prior to 1961 .

Private Schools and Colleges have frequently been the leaders in educational experiment.

In Karnataka, among Muslim Educational Organizations, Rifa-hul Muslimeen Educational Trust, occupies a prestigious place.  It has the reputation for discipline, efficiency and standards.

List of Educational Institutions managed by Rifa-hul Muslimeen Educational Trust, Mysore is as follows.
  1. Farooqia Boys; High School, Eidgah, Mysore.
  2. Faroqia Nursery School, Mohammed Sait Block
  3. Farooqia Model Urdu Higher Primary School Mohammed Sait Block, Mysore.
  4. Farooqia Girls High School – I, Lashkar Mohalla, Mysore.  
  5. Farooqia Teachers Training Institute, Udayagiri, Mysore. 
  6. Farooqia Pre-University College, Eidgah, Mysore.   
  7. Farooqia Institute of Pharmacy, Eidgah, Mysore.       
  8. Farooqia Grisl Composite Pre-University College,  Lashkar Mohalla, Mysore.
  9. Dr. TMA Pai Memorial Urdu Nursery School, Azeez  Sait Nagar, Mysore.
  10. Dr. TMA Pai Memorial Urdu Higher Primary School, Azeez Sait Nagar, Mysore.
  11. Farooqia Women’s Polytechnic, Udayagiri, Mysore.     
  12. Farooqia College of Pharmacy, Eidgah, Mysore.           
  13. Farooqia Dental College, Eidgah, Mysore.               
  14. Farooqia Girls High School – II, Azeez Sait Nagar, Mysore

The Credit for founding and promoting well intentioned, Well managed and well renowned Institutions rightly goes to eminent Muslims like Moin-ul-Mulk Mohammed Sait, Alhaj Abdul Sattar Abba Sait, Janab yousuf Ali Khan, Coffee planter, Mr. Abdul Gaffar Khan, Advocate, Azeez-ul-Mulk Azeez Sait, Former Minister Got. Karnataka.

For Educational purpose the RIFA-HUL-MUSLIMEEN EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY, was registered in 1961 under the Indian Societies Act and subsequently under the Mysore Societies Act, 1960  (Mysore Act, 17 of 1960) on 16-05-1970.  In the year 1985 the Rifa-hul Muslimeen Educational Society was converted to Rifa-hul Muslimeen Educational Trust, for efficient management .  This Trust was registered under Indian Trust Act, Government of India, As No.201 of the year 1984-85 at Page 19-31 Vol – 90 of Book IV,  Registered at Mysore on 8th of January 1985.

Rifa-hul Muslimeen Educational Trust, Mysore is striving hard to bring illiterate masses of the Society of Mysore City especially among Muslims to the mainstream, by affording Education at concessional rates such as by giving to their wards, Books, Uniforms free of cost as well as giving Scholarships and in most cases by collecting nominal fees.

It is my pleasure to inform the members of the Public that our TRUST is dedicated in maintaining standard Education through efficient and experienced Teaching staff which has yielded good result and Results in Primary, Higher Secondary, Pre-University and Graduation and Post Graduation and Professional Degree.

The Trust started Post Graduation Course in Pharmacy and Dental Sciences viz. Pharm .D (Six years Course) in Farooqia College of Pharmacy, Mysore and MDS Courses in Farooqia Dental College, Mysore and efforts are on to spread more Brnaches.

Further, we are making sincere efforts to start new Courses such as BA., or B.Sc., BL., or LLB., and we are planning to construct Hospital in Eidgah Maidan which would be beneficial for both the Students and General Public of the locality.  The Trust is planning to acquire more lands for further expansion of Educational Activities in Mysore City.